Self Care Sundays Podcast

Move over, bath bombs.

Hello, Self Care Sundays.

Dialogue about self-care tends to focus on the tangible. 

We created an alternative.

Our Origins

Self Care Sundays Podcast was founded in 2017 by Aditi Juneja. In our first season, Aditi asked guests to describe their understanding of self-care and how privilege factors into our understanding of self-care. In our second season, we focused on self-care habits and how folks routinize them.

We emphasize non-commercialized practices and speak with guests from marginalized communities. We take pride in being one of the only podcasts on air with this focus.

The two seasons of Self Care Sundays are streaming now on Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay, RadioPublic, Spotify, and Stitcher.

why self-care?

Our show is informed by the wisdom of Audre Lorde, who once said, "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare."

We firmly believe self-care is a political act, especially for people of color. We do not believe self-care is a selfish act or a luxury. In fact, we believe it is a necessary part of a healthy, daily routine to navigate competing obligations.

why non-commercialized?

Bath bombs are...well, bomb. But self-care can not be purchased. It is about how we approach our lives and create space for the practices we need to thrive.

why a podcast?

Self-care is a practice, and everyone does it differently. Through conversations with our guests, we can learn from each other and introduce our listeners to folks who they may otherwise not encounter in their daily social networks. Additionally, listening to podcasts is free and  accessible to folks with iOS, Android, or a computer. Many providers (ex: RadioPublic) do not even require listeners to make an account to tune in! It couldn't be easier.


why marginalized communities?

We focus on folks who exist in the margins of society because the wellness industry does not represent us. The Self Care Sundays team consists largely of people of color.