Self care sundays


Aditi Juneja is not very good at self care. She often forgets to eat and has a hard time truly unplugging. She is in her last semester of law school and a co-creator of as well as in New York City, NY. She has been troubled seeing how little space is given to thinking about how people sustain themselves in our society. As a co-host of Self Care Sundays, she believes asking people how they thrive, will help others do the same.












Cato is an experienced audio engineer. Like so many people in her profession, she could do a lot better at self care. So, as the audio engineer for Self Care Sundays, she’s very excited to see what Aditi has to share with us! She hopes that Self Care Sundays can create a community and support structure for people looking to alleviate some of the negativity in the world. Cato has done extensive work with inner city students as part of Music 4 Peace San Diego, and as a Music Peace Team Member of the International Day of Peace NGO committee at the United Nations. She currently teaches audio at Platt College in San Diego, CA, and as blogger and host for Pro Studio Live. For more information, check out her website: